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Mini Sessions:

Beth Dutton mini session
Sunflower mini sessions
Best Friend mini sessions
Lavender mini sessions
Lemonade stand mini sessions

Mini sessions are my thing!!!

They are a perfect way to get great pictures in about a quarter of the time ... & it won't break your bank. Usually 15-20 min. sessions each. Perfect for husbands and restless kids! 

I LOVE to do a variety of mini sessions throughout the year. 

Easter minis with baby lambs, 4th of July fire/cracker stand mins, Lemonade stand minis, Mommy & Me minis, BFF mins, Beth Dutton minis, Little Cowgirl/Cowboy minis with the Horse, Back 2 School mins, Valentine's Day mins, Lavender field minis, Vintage truck Fall minis, Christmas minis, Hot cocoa stand minis.... the list goes on. 

I'm all for any ideas you may have. 

Mini sessions are only on certain occasions and scheduled days, So stay tuned to the page for upcoming opportunities! 


** Deposits are due at the time of booking for ALL mini sessions. Deposit amounts will vary. Deposit is not refundable unless the photographer needs to cancel the appointment. 


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